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Intrepid Resources | Sustainably Invigorating Producing Fields

Intrepid Resources LLC was formed by a highly experienced and diverse group of industry professionals to pursue acquisitions of oil and gas producing properties in developing areas, onshore North America.

We have been very successful in acquiring, managing and evaluating  properties in the past while consistently delivering significant returns.

We will apply innovative technical and business strategies to provide high returns, while mitigating risks associated with the oil and gas business.


Intrepid will invest in assets that present an opportunity to improve emissions, carbon footprint, safety and social responsibility in a sustainable manner.

Our Core Value is Integrity

"...your word is your bond."

"I was fortunate to be the son of an oilman with all the virtues I strive to have. C. Fred Chambers was my dad, and at an early age he instilled in me that your word is your bond, the motto of The All American Wildcatter organization of which we are both members. My father had a partner with the same principles, Bill Kennedy, and they began their careers in Midland, Texas in the early 1950’s. Their public company, C&K Petroleum was very successful. They were respected, did what was right, and you could count on them. These same principles are integral to Intrepid Resources."


Charles Chambers

Founder & CEO

Founded on a successful track record

In collaboration with an experienced management team, Mr. Charles Chambers was responsible for acquiring natural gas reserves to supply fuel to Calpine's power plants in North America. In five years, beginning in 1999, Mr. Chambers and the team acquired 14 companies with natural gas reserves which totaled over 1 TCF. Purchased reserves were in Western Canada, the Sacramento Basin of California, Gulf of Mexico, Piceance Basin of Colorado, San Juan Basin and South Texas.


Later in 2005, Mr. Chambers successfully co-led the formation of Rosetta Resources and raised $1.05 billion in a 144A transaction to purchase Calpine’s domestic natural gas reserves. These assets exceeded 400 BCF of proved reserves and consisted of 96% natural gas.


Intrepid Resources LLC was founded by Mr. Charles Chambers as a legacy to the successful track record of his earlier partnerships, together with the evolution of the business model to address future energy needs in a sustainable manner.

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